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Design for better

DM UNION was founded by Leon Liao and Bella Huang, based in Shanghai, China.

With “Design for better” as its motto, DM always sticks to its philosophy of creativity and exploration. We provide Branding, Digital Experience, Graphic, Visual Identity and Innovative Design services with an international perspective.

DM UNION 德曼由廖振聪先生(Leon Liao)和黄滨舟女士(Bella Huang)联合创立,立足于中国上海,其全称为“Design Monster Union”。

DM(德曼) 以“Design for better”为宗旨,探索创新是其始终坚持的理念。用国际视野为客户提供品牌塑造、数字化体验、平面、视觉语言及创新设计等服务。通过探索从传播模式到形态的全新突破,为合作伙伴重塑现代品牌战略,从而创造有意义的人与品牌之间的连结。


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The Team

Leon Liao

Founder | Creative Director | Chief Designer

Bella Huang

Co-Founder | Art Director | Photographer
Benny Zhuang
Account Director
Dicky Dong

Art Director | Designer 



Tudou LU
Designer | Animator


DM UNION 德曼設計咨詢 Home

DM UNION integrates “Experience & Innovation” into its brand strategy to create real and accessible brand perceptions and connect with users through brand “intuitiveness”.

DM UNION 将“创新与体验设计”融入品牌战略,从而创造真实可及的品牌感知,用品牌「直觉」连接用户。

dm studio is dedicated to creating universal glyphs and experimental type cultures. Based on the concept of perpetual design, we give typefaces a unique character with meticulous workmanship.

dm studio 致力于创造通用字形以及实验性字体排印与图形设计的探索。基于永续设计的理念, 我们用精工细作赋予字体以独特气质。

The artist duo of Bella and Leon, with the mission of “Design for Better”, continues to explore and create enduring design and art.

Bella与Leon的艺术设计组合,秉持 “Design for Better”宗旨,不断探索和创造经久不衰的设计与艺术。